Friday, June 1, 2007

Stop the world...

Stop the world I want to get off! It's strange - 2nd official day into summer vacation and I feel like things have not slowed down at all. Yesterday...I was coming down off the roller coaster ride of end of school year, 8th grade recognition, etc. This morning it was up early to take Son2 to TaeKwonDo class this morning. Then home to get Son1 for a dr's appointment - he's got an upper respiratory infection that he's probably had for at least 2 weeks. He also needed a dr's signature for space camp. I have to finish getting that paperwork filled out and turned in - it's due Tuesday. We did some shopping - finally able to get cereal. I also got some plants - watermelon, cantelope, cucumber for the garden as well as some perennials for those beds. Then home to make a grocery list, then off to chiropracter and Wally-world. After that home again - groceries away, then dinner then outside to plant the fruit and vegetables - we also planted carrot seeds and corn. I had both boys helping with that. Then I sent the boys inside and spent another hour watering and weeding. It looks like my 6 cherry shrubs are going to do ok - they are leafing out nicely. My forsythia that are in also seem to be doing well though I still have 2 to plant. I haven't decided where to put them yet.

So tomorrow I have to make major progress on getting the bus cleaned - it's due back in on Monday. So far all I've accomplished is to get the seats up and trash cleared out from under them - and the floor swept. I still have to wash everything down - inside and out - including windows. The goal is to get an early start on that and get it done tomorrow. Then Monday I can drive the bus down, power wash it and hopefully get it turned in. I also need to get some more plants planted, paperwork finished and probably most importantly come up with a list of pictures to take for a wedding and pricing for the same. (The wedding is in 2 weeks - and we have a weekend trip coming up beforehand).

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Karen said...

I remember the song by that name.

My blog is now backed up, but I can't get on my Xanga. It is apparently a blocked site where I am staying. Oh well, need to go to bed anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to blog sometime.