Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good Day

Today was a good day though I personally don't feel like I accomplished much around the house. Drove Son1 to driver's ed this morning - only 2 more days of doing that! Then took Son2 to TaeKwonDo where he attended 2 classes - he overheated and got faint feeling. I'm glad he's not afraid to say something to the instructor about it. Part of it was that he's not been going to bed at a reasonable hour - fighting me all the way. (Tonight he's in bed before 9:00 pm!) But the heat and the fact that the car blows hot air didn't help - and it's not possible to control what kind of air the car is blowing right now.

After we all got home this morning we were home for about an hour, then it was off to Bible Study. This was the first time I got to attend and I only knew one other lady there - and it wasn't the owner of the home where we had the study. However it was nice - beautiful area with a pond for the kids, breeze blowing through the trees, horses...So the ladies all sat in the sun while the kids played and swam in the pond. Our study is a book by Dee Brestin on several different Psalms - it's interesting - with 5 days of homework for each week. I've missed three so far - and still need to go back and do them. Next week we are studying Ps. 51.

From Bible Study I dropped Son1 off to go run - he ran 6 miles today - then I went and did an Amish run. It was a nice short one - though very hot. Tonight I had intended to make raspberry jam - but wasn't sure if I needed 5 cups of berries unsquished or squished. So I got the 5 cups of berries squished and have put it up for now. It's now down to 45 min. or so of stirring over the stove and processing. I'll hopefully get that done tomorrow evening. I'm scheduled to visit Pete during the early part of the afternoon. I also want to pick more raspberries - they are just coming on and there are plenty of bushes growing wild. I don't expect to have any plums and will have very few peaches this year due to the late snow and hard freeze.

And hopefully I'm not getting poison ivy bumps again - am pretty sure I have one on one finger we will see.


Marilyn said...

And what do you do with your spare time ;)! Enjoy Bible study! Beth Moore has written a Bible study on the Psalms of Ascents (Psa. 120-134) which is being released in November.

Anonymous said...

have you ever tried Tecnu (I think that's the name!)for your poison ivy? My bil does home landscaping/lawn care and always gets into some type of poison - he swears by this stuff - I think you just squirt it and use it like soap to wash the poison away - but maybe you have to do it soon after you realize you've got it on you. Anyway, worth a try!