Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update Again

We have slow internet access now - it's satellite so better than dial-up but certainly slower than what we had at the old house. Maybe I will eventually upgrade to something faster but for now we will adjust to what we have - and be thankful for it.

Boxes are still many - furniture is not all in it's place but slowly unpacking is happening. It was nice to get several boxes of books unpacked and on shelves. I even put a couple in the "garage sale" pile which is steadily growing. Once the computer is in it's permanent place I will be able to get my scrapbooking stuff unpacked and hopefully re-organized. I will have less space for it but did choose to downsize some of my books so it should hopefully work out ok. I still have all my old journals from back when I was a kid and young adult - to now. Those - though maybe they should be - will not be downsized.

Dogs are moved - as of last night. Splash is still tied up but so far Sally has not wandered too far. She comes running whenever we come outside - it's rather nice to not have her confined to the back yard. Chickens and school bus are still at the old house. Chickens will move north - bus will move but probably not north.

B still does not have any permanent full-time job options. His shop is cleaned out and he's got a couple of projects lined up to work on beginning tomorrow. We will see.

Guess that's enough of an update for now - while I'm trying to take things a bit easier this afternoon I'm still attempting to empty some boxes and do some laundry. (I desperately need to develope some sort of "Sabbath rest" but so far it's not happened).

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quick Note

Quick note - we have a second 2 hour delay this morning. There's a half inch or so of snow on the ground covering over a good layer of ice. Yesterday morning it was freezing rain...winter appears to have arrived with a bang.

Still don't have internet access at the new house - have decided what we are going to go with - I just need to stop long enough to get it ordered and scheduled to be installed. At that point we will finally move the computer there and I hope we will be down to sweeping out this place. B wants to do be done here - as do I. However if so much stuff didn't revolve around computer access (including in some cases, boys' homework) I'm sure he would prefer not to have computer access.

Stretch has been home from school sick this week. He's got acute bronchitis...I probably could have sent him today but I've seen too many kids on my bus route sick - out for a couple of days, back for 1 then out again for the rest of the week. Since this is a short week anyway I figure he's better off at home - he's settling in - helping get some things unpacked and just resting.

I'd better scoot - bus is running and it's almost time to get moving.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still here...

Still here....still swamped...still moving. No DSL service at new frantically trying to make internet access decisions yet.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Moving - Sort-of

Well just a quick note - we are now moving boxes and some furniture in. There are still a few little things being finished up but the major stuff is all done. My hope is to be able to move beds either Friday or Saturday. In the meantime...I'm continuing to try to take care of two places at once - and keep up with boys' activities. I'll write more once things are more settled. Need to go call the phone company to get them to place order so phone service can be set up. Also have dishes and laundry to care for this evening yet.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Staying "home"

I'm staying home mostly today - went out to pay on the storage locker but other than that plan to pretty much stay home between routes. Of course, I didn't get home from bus route this morning until after 9:00 am. We had a driver meeting with the elementary principal after the route - didn't start until after morning announcements. Then I had to come home and attempt to get in contact with some parents on my route. We will see how things work out. So far I've caught up on folding laundry, started dishwasher and started more laundry. I plan to take a nap as soon as I'm done with this entry...and my much needed on-line visit with my sister. I hope to get kitchen tidied up, hand dishes done and lots of laundry done. Then it would be nice if I got my seating chart posted on the bus and some more boxes packed. Am still exhausted but not in as much physical pain/stiffness as I was yesterday.

The weather has been beautiful the last few days - sunny and unseasonably warm. It's supposed to change starting tonight and tomorrow - with the possibility of rain and snow showers on Saturday. I'm really hoping and praying that during the day - even if it's cold - is not overly wet so that we can start moving. Kitchen counters are in, sinks are in and hooked up, other bathroom fixtures are in...master bedroom has been cleaned with windows done. Goal for today is to finish getting tools, etc out and then tomorrow we will clean again. The basement and one bathroom really need cleaning work but again that can't be done until construction mess is done. If we can get the necessities moved then the rest can be done slightly more slowly. I know B wants it all done as soon as possible...I just don't know.

Better go - my nap is calling me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Boy is my face red this afternoon! I've felt all week like I've been chasing my tail - just constantly on the go. Monday I was at M*n*rds in "the city" picking up stuff to finish the house. Tuesday I was at a different M*n*rds in another town an hour or so and 2 counties north of here. Both days I was up at the house after that until after 1:00pm - not getting home to this house until close to 2:00 and therefore not having any time to rest and catch a quick nap. (I voted yesterday on the way home as well). Then both evenings I've been out doing more running either with the boys or just trying to get stuff done at home. So I was pretty tired. This morning I turned in a bus conduct report on a student then went up to the house to start cleaning. I was out again until well after 1:30. I got home and had a quick cup of coffee hoping that would wake me up - it didn't so I figured I would take a 10 min. rest on the couch. I set my alarm to go off at what I thought said 2:15 and closed my eyes - fell sound asleep until my cell phone rang at 2:45 - when I was supposed to be at the middle school picking up my first group of students of the afternoon. Thankfully the phone call was the transportation department calling to find out where I was - they were able to get that group of students onto one of the other buses and I was able to make it to the elementary school on time. My route went well overall but I think I need to start making sure I'm getting enough rest.