Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update Again

We have slow internet access now - it's satellite so better than dial-up but certainly slower than what we had at the old house. Maybe I will eventually upgrade to something faster but for now we will adjust to what we have - and be thankful for it.

Boxes are still many - furniture is not all in it's place but slowly unpacking is happening. It was nice to get several boxes of books unpacked and on shelves. I even put a couple in the "garage sale" pile which is steadily growing. Once the computer is in it's permanent place I will be able to get my scrapbooking stuff unpacked and hopefully re-organized. I will have less space for it but did choose to downsize some of my books so it should hopefully work out ok. I still have all my old journals from back when I was a kid and young adult - to now. Those - though maybe they should be - will not be downsized.

Dogs are moved - as of last night. Splash is still tied up but so far Sally has not wandered too far. She comes running whenever we come outside - it's rather nice to not have her confined to the back yard. Chickens and school bus are still at the old house. Chickens will move north - bus will move but probably not north.

B still does not have any permanent full-time job options. His shop is cleaned out and he's got a couple of projects lined up to work on beginning tomorrow. We will see.

Guess that's enough of an update for now - while I'm trying to take things a bit easier this afternoon I'm still attempting to empty some boxes and do some laundry. (I desperately need to develope some sort of "Sabbath rest" but so far it's not happened).


Linds said...

It is great you have the internet sorted, Edith, but don't try to do too much or you will end up flat on your back! I know what it is like to want everything sorted straight away!
Will you still be able to carry on driving the bus?

Apple said...

I wish you were able to have some kind of break. If the bus stays at the bus lot that may be a mixed blessing. You'll start earlier and end later but you won't have to worry about getting stuck on the hill or shoveling space for it and hopefully there will be a mechanic handy. I know I could on our guys for all kinds of help.

Being a family historian I applaud you for saving your journals. If they take up too much space keep then in a box under the bed. I have several of the specially designed totes that I've picked up on sale and keep most of my craft stuff under the bed.

I hope things work out for B. My son-in-law has finally gotten some job leads.

Mary said...

I had all my school reports (going back to around Noah's time)until I had a little hissy fit last year. I shredded the lot. I even shredded the only letter I had from my dad. I was real cranky at the time and convinced myself it would be good therpy to be done with the past. Wrong! Big regrets.

Well done for keeping your journals etc - hold onto them tight.

Hope B finds work soon.