Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quick Note...

Quick note...I haven't blogged in a very long time...have really struggled with depression this past now on different stuff that will hopefully help...maybe a post another time about the mixed emotions and fog of depression...and maybe not. Definitely a post another time on the Memorial Day weekend and the birthday party for Squirrel...lots of people, lots of fun, lots of mud...

The main reason for posting at the moment is that I just got word that there are two showings on my old house this afternoon! One has been scheduled for several days and the other was just scheduled today. I had a friend call to let me know that there was someone in the drive ... being as we've already had 1 robbery since we moved out...I called the realtor and she said she would go out to check it out after she finished her current showing she was on the way to...and she would call me back later. Less than 5 minutes later my cell phone rang again and she was calling back...she had just scheduled another showing for this afternoon from the person who was up in the driveway looking at the place. Hopefully this will lead to an offer of some sort...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Instead of...I will...

In order to focus on the positives in my life...instead of the current struggle with depression I'm dealing with I've decided to write a post that lists the things I'm thankful for. Some will be likely be "repeats"...some will not.

Instead of being upset... that the laundry is never completely caught up...I'm thankful that we are blessed with an abundance of clothes and towels.

Instead of being upset...that there nearly always seems to be dishes in the sink...I'm thankful we have plenty of food to fill our tummies - and a dishwasher to help with the dishes.

Instead of being upset...that my amethyst Intrepid that has so faithfully served me is no longer drivable...I'm thankful that there were ways for us to make things work being down a vehicle...and I'm thankful that I'm blessed with a husband who didn't put us in debt getting another vehicle.

Instead of being upset...that it's another grey gloomy day out...I'm thankful for the flowers and crops that will grow...for the way that the trees and grasses are turning green outdoors....I'm also thankful for the coolness of the temperatures currently.

Instead of being upset...that no matter what I try with some of the students on my bus they still don't behave...I'm thankful for supportive parents.

Instead of being upset...that my Mom is having more and more health issues and that she is declining so rapidly...I will be thankful for her example through her life...for the time we've had with her (while still hoping for more good years)...remembering the miracles God has worked in the past regarding her health...

I know there is more to be thankful for but I need to be away...fixing myself some lunch, dealing with that unending laundry and getting the dishwasher going.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Good news...Bad News Part 2

The bad front ball bearing joint/axle & associated parts of my car are broken. They've been clanking and banging around for a month or more now...the car has almost 200,000 miles on it.

The good news...I was safely home - just pulled in the driveway.

The bad news...I have to be at work.

The good news...B has a big diesel pick-up that I'm capable of driving (though I think it's a tank and I don't enjoy it!)

The bad news...the truck has a big trailer attached to it

Good news...there's a couple of guys working a mile or so away who know how to unhook the trailer.

Bad news...truck won't start

Good news...same guy who can unhook trailer can try to start it.

Bad news...he's not successful at starting it.

Good news...he's willing to give me a ride to my school bus.

The funniest part about it...I had just dropped B off at work after lunch - we'd stopped in at a used car lot and found a vehicle that looked like it might work for me...we just weren't sure we wanted to do the "new car" thing right now. But I will be test driving it tonight.

So we wait and see what happens. It's rather a good thing that Stretch's musical is this weekend so that I can drive his car if necessary next week - he's free again to ride the bus.