Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not accomplishing much today. Had originally planned to go to Shipshewana today - there were a couple of stores I wanted to pop into. However last night Squirrel came home with a fever and not feeling well at all. So I postponed those plans - nothing was critical. Did have coffee with my friend that I was going to go with before coming home. Since I got home I've done some laundry and loaded dishwasher and taken a short nap. I should be cleaning my craft area (again) or folding more laundry or something...Instead I am sitting here thinking about this afternoon. Squirrel did have a cross country meet to run and I was scheduled to drive. My route sub could not switch back with me so I am still driving the meet even though he is not going. I am really hoping that my students behave much better this afternoon than they did last time I was off and that the route goes more smoothly. I am also thinking about the student who has been transferred off and the one who will be transferring on effective today and hoping those changes go smoothly.

We found out yesterday that one of our drivers has been admitted to hospital in critical condition - he has a football sized tumor in his abdomen. Not much hope is being held out for him. He has 3 children - the youngest of whom is in Squirrel's grade. Talked to my sister-in-law this morning - she spent two nights in hospital last week suffering from a severe bout of vertigo. She has lost hearing in one ear - not sure if that is a permanent loss or not. It is not known yet what caused the vertigo - she is off work for this week and is not currently driving as that was what triggered it in the first place. It leaves a fairly heavy load on her husband to pick up caring for all the things she handles in addition to her job as a vet tech. They have 2 young boys - one of whom has severe food allergies. Of course I live too far away to help.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quick Post

Quick post this morning...out to a cross country meet soon. And I'm bringing snacks for Squirrel's team - not as healthy as some but could be worse I think. Grapes (if I get them washed), raisins, peanut butter crackers and packaged fruit snacks plus water and a sports drink. What is nice is when both boys have a Saturday meet together and I don't have to drive them to the bus.

Dipstick is on his way to Plow Days with B's dad. B is not going this year - he is staying home to rest and recover from surgery. His follow-up appointment went pretty well - he goes back on the 28th for a "final" check.

Yesterday went very well on the bus route...I don't tend to be comfortable addressing my kids as "a group". I would much rather interact with them one-on-one. However the sub on Thursday had such a bad time with them - mis-behavior, back talk and ultimately ending up in a ditch - that I shared how disappointed I was. I went over bus rules, shared I was strict for a reason and could be stricter if necessary and told them that now they had to prove to me, the elementary principal (who I've not seen eye to eye with for some time as she thought I was too strict - and who stood and listened to me talk to them - then wished me "good luck" as she got off), my transportation director boss and the superintendent that they did know how to behave even if I was not the driver that day. So the test will come on Tuesday when I am driving a cross country meet for Squirrel's team instead of my bus route.

I still have not had "creative time" or even time to go through my pictures. But I did take time yesterday morning to have chai with a couple of close friends after morning route. It was good to connect some - and I got to cuddle a baby (he's not so much one anymore - going on 9 months old but I've known him since he was an hour old - hadn't even had a bath yet).

Time is up...got to scoot or I will be late. That's not good for the snack person.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Disconnected...that is the thought that is running through my mind today. I've not been blogging or even keeping up on blogs that I enjoy reading (as I was reminded by an email from one of my brothers)...I've not been journaling. I have snatched a very few minutes to stitch a couple of evenings - once this week. I've not had much time with friends to connect and talk and share our lives. I am not even doing well at responding to emails.

School started about a month ago. Cross country season officially started 2 weeks later - Squirrel had 3 meets the first week and has 2 every week since one of which is on Saturdays. Stretch is also running mainly with weekend meets. I have missed more meets than I normally do already - that is a struggle for me. There have been 2 back to school nights (one for Squirrel and one for Dipstick). There is regular homework checks especially for Dipstick. Parent - teacher conferences are coming up already. Two nights a week we watch Little Bit for her mother so she can take classes to become a nurse and be better able to support herself and Little Bit. Grief Group starts tonight for Dipstick - and Wednesday night services have resumed for the fall.

In addition to all that...B had surgery last Saturday. It was "day surgery" in that he was able to go home that day. However he is not to do any heavy lifting, not supposed to be driving yet - he over-did it yesterday and was pretty beat last night. He was discouraged ...he does not do "sit and rest" well and had expected to be able to handle more by now. This afternoon he has his follow-up appointment and I am thankful to be able to go with him though it requires my taking my afternoon bus route off.

In addition to that appointment I hope to be able to get more daily housekeeping stuff done and start to get caught up on paperwork. I would also like to find my pictures I've downloaded on here and start organizing them. None of that has happened since we reformatted the computer. Eventually I will need to get an external hard drive for the pictures only. Tonight will be a late night as I am the one who takes Dipstick to Grief Group.

I feel like I only write here when things are not going well. One positive thing I am enjoying is the cooler temperatures and more deer sightings while I drive my bus. Yesterday morning the sunrise was beautiful and red - always wish I had a good camera along to get pictures of that.