Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A "Real" Snow Day

We have a snow day today - a real one complete with snow instead of ice or fog.  Thankfully a delay was called last night and the cancellation was called early this morning.  I wasn't able to go back to sleep though as Hubby was very awake. So I've enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, a short nap and taking pictures. 

Sorry the picture is blue - not sure why.  But that is the walk-in door to the garage on the south end of the shop covered by the drift.

Hubby, Squirrel and Dipstick have shoveled and plowed out the driveway and the back deck.  He did end up with the skid loader stuck in across the road for a time.  
Front porch has been left alone and that is fine.  The birds are enjoying the feeders but are in dire need of suet cakes - I will be working on those soon.

Snow totals - 11 inches for our wee small town, 9.5 inches for our next bigger one and 10.5 for the closest "city". 

Guess that is all for now - I'd best be away to accomplish something.