Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Boy is my face red this afternoon! I've felt all week like I've been chasing my tail - just constantly on the go. Monday I was at M*n*rds in "the city" picking up stuff to finish the house. Tuesday I was at a different M*n*rds in another town an hour or so and 2 counties north of here. Both days I was up at the house after that until after 1:00pm - not getting home to this house until close to 2:00 and therefore not having any time to rest and catch a quick nap. (I voted yesterday on the way home as well). Then both evenings I've been out doing more running either with the boys or just trying to get stuff done at home. So I was pretty tired. This morning I turned in a bus conduct report on a student then went up to the house to start cleaning. I was out again until well after 1:30. I got home and had a quick cup of coffee hoping that would wake me up - it didn't so I figured I would take a 10 min. rest on the couch. I set my alarm to go off at what I thought said 2:15 and closed my eyes - fell sound asleep until my cell phone rang at 2:45 - when I was supposed to be at the middle school picking up my first group of students of the afternoon. Thankfully the phone call was the transportation department calling to find out where I was - they were able to get that group of students onto one of the other buses and I was able to make it to the elementary school on time. My route went well overall but I think I need to start making sure I'm getting enough rest.

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