Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brief Update

Well I'm just finishing up second cup of coffee this morning. The sun is shining though it's still quite cold outside. Today I feel rather exhausted but need to leave soon to go up to the house. We are getting closer to a move-in date...Trim work is being installed, electrical hook-ups are being finished. I'm hoping that when I get there today the hot water heater will be working and that soon we will have restrooms completed. That will leave the kitchen to be finished - and the master closet. The closet is not such an urgent thing - we could move in without it being done - the lining is in and we are just waiting for hanging racks and shelves. I hope to take some more pictures today in addition to getting bathroom shelves covered, fridge and freezer cleaned. I'm not working on cleaning windows yet as there is still too much construction dust.


Linds said...

You are getting there - photos would be great! Still keeping you in my prayers, Edith.

Mary said...

You certainly have a lot going on at the moment. Looking forward to moving in , I'm sure. Take it easy.

Is there any news on B's work yet?

Linds said...

Just so you know too, that I think about you so often, and you and B are on my prayer list. Any news re work yet? Don't worry about commenting! No apologies necessary - you are my friend!