Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Few Wedding Pictures

O.k...I am finally going to post some long-awaited wedding pictures. I've been staying away from blogging because I couldn't decide what to post and I was feeling guilty about not getting the wedding pictures up. I'm not going to include many as I'm not hugely keen on having family completely identifiable on the web. However these should give those of you who've been waiting at least an idea of how things looked that day.

I think - though it's rather hard to see in these pictures - that what stands out to me most when I look at them - is how absolutely happy I look. Glowing is probably the best term for it. I normally hate having my picture taken but this day I could not stop grinning. Some of it I know is that I did things in God's order. Some of it is that I've been blessed with a second chance at love - loving and being loved. I know that marriage is still a lot of work but it's not something I expected to ever be blessed with again.

My attendants were all in "wildflower" colors - the dresses turned out gorgeous - and each girl looked fantastic in the color they wore. The guys were good "foils" in jeans and white dress shirts - and all have worn those outfits again (repeatedly). I love the way the colors looked together - and my bouquet turned out fantastic as well - also basically wildflowers.

Everything was fairly simple - the reception felt a bit "rushed" to us - I know I was overwhelmed by the number of people around and the activity. But we all had a fairly good time I think. I did go barefoot pretty much the entire day - except a couple times while walking outside. Being as I really don't know how to dance - dancing was fun.


Linds said...

YES!!!!!! PHOTOS!!!!! Thank you so much for posting them, Edith - you looked beautiful, and so happy! I love all the bright happy jewel colours, and your flowers were stunning too. Sigh. Now I am grinning here in a soppy fashion - I love weddings. And the barefeet??? Perfect. I hardly ever wear shoes.

Beautiful happy bride and groom. YES!!!! (Not that I am excited or anything........)

Linds said...

You may have noticed that I am a trifle exuberant.

Apple said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

The photos look great! I'm glad you finally got around to posting about your wedding.

Little sis

Mary said...

You most certainly do have a radiance about you. Good for you. I'm with Linds in the barefeet approach - fantastic - so free, liberating. Thanks for sharing.

Bev said...

Lovely photos and I just love that the guys wore jeans, bet they thought that was fabulous! Maybe you've started something out there, nixing tuxes, and saving every guy in a wedding at least $100! You do indeed glow!