Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quick Note

Quick note - we have a second 2 hour delay this morning. There's a half inch or so of snow on the ground covering over a good layer of ice. Yesterday morning it was freezing rain...winter appears to have arrived with a bang.

Still don't have internet access at the new house - have decided what we are going to go with - I just need to stop long enough to get it ordered and scheduled to be installed. At that point we will finally move the computer there and I hope we will be down to sweeping out this place. B wants to do be done here - as do I. However if so much stuff didn't revolve around computer access (including in some cases, boys' homework) I'm sure he would prefer not to have computer access.

Stretch has been home from school sick this week. He's got acute bronchitis...I probably could have sent him today but I've seen too many kids on my bus route sick - out for a couple of days, back for 1 then out again for the rest of the week. Since this is a short week anyway I figure he's better off at home - he's settling in - helping get some things unpacked and just resting.

I'd better scoot - bus is running and it's almost time to get moving.


Linds said...

Great news re the internet getting sorted, Edith - you need to keep blogging so it is essential! Take care in the snow while you are driving.

Mary said...

Be careful on those roads - they sound treacherous. Hope Stretch feels much better soon.