Saturday, June 30, 2007


It was wonderful to be able to sleep in this morning! Two weeks of having to be up early to get Son1 to driver's ed by 7:00 am gets old. My cell phone hasn't even rung - of course the fact that I forgot it in the car last night makes a difference there! I don't currently have anything scheduled for today except basic housecleaning and catching up. I was gone most of the day yesterday - took Son1 to TaeKwonDo in the morning and Son2 to driver's ed. Then got home shortly after 11:00 am - just enough time to cook lunch for everyone then I was off again. Took the car in to have the squealing noise taken care of - they said both my belts were dry-rotted and replaced them. That took about an hour. Then I was off to the "city" to take a pre-employment drug test for the new job I'm picking up. I stopped to get gas, then went to the wrong place twice...The second time - as I was leaving to find the right place the power steering completely went out on the car. Driving in city traffic at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon with no power steering is definitely NOT fun- though it can be funny. Other drivers were honking at me when I didn't turn out of places fast enough to suit them - just because I didn't figure I had enough room to crank the car around. I finally get the drug test done - after waiting for some time there - and have to hustle back to the car repair place to find out what happened this time. I get there by 4:50 - techs go home at 5:00 and they officially close by 5:30. However since they knew I was coming they had the same fellow stay to work on it who'd done the work earlier. Turns out this time that it was a pulley that the alternator belt runs off that had gone out and had ruined the brand new alternator belt we'd just put on earlier. I paid for the pulley replacement and they replaced the alternator belt for free - they hadn't caught the initial problem so it was fair. They also showed me the part and explained what was wrong with it. So I learned something new and have a renewed respect for my bus driving boss - he listened to the car on Thursday morning and said "oh your pulley is losing it's ball bearings"and told me where to take it. Now I just have to remember to insist that "X" part is checked also when the car repair place says the problem is "Y" part. However when all was said and done I didn't get home again until after 6:30 pm - I was done at that point. We spent the evening watching Star Trek episodes and I did nothing else. So today is catch up day.

And I do have odd poison ivy bumps popping up but they are just single ones. So I have hope that I'll be able to avoid the massive breakout I had last time.

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