Saturday, June 2, 2007

One Way to Stop

Well one way to stop the world so you can get off for a time is to misplace one's car keys. I got a call to do an Amish run this morning - accepted though I wasn't overly enthused about it. But ended up not getting to go because the car will not run without an ignition key! So instead I spent the day working on getting the bus cleaned and looking for the car keys. They are not in the car, on, under or in a couch or chair. They are not hanging where they belong or on a counter somewhere. They are not in the laundry or bathroom or by the computer. We have checked drawers, floors, tables, and most any other place - likely or not - that we can think of. I have gone through many many empty plastic bags - and the trash! On the one hand, it's been kind of nice being home today - actually having time to do a few things that need done. On the other hand, I really do need the car keys to show up as it's my only set. Tonight I have decided to simply try to relax and get to bed early. The keys will either show up eventually or I'll have to look into replacing them. Either way there's not much more I can do about them right now. Tomorrow we will learn (again) how much we appreciate having a vehicle - church is about 2 1/2 miles from here and I'm scheduled in the nursery. Skipping isn't an option.

Edit: Just after I posted this - and was tucking boys into bed I again found the car keys! And yes...they were in an "obvious" place - buried deep in my purse that I'd already dumped out once. Yeah and Praise God!

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Marilyn said...

Love it!!! Obviously the Lord had other plans for you today and "arranged" for you to be home to take cae of other things :)!!