Monday, June 18, 2007

Am I wrong to be skeptical of "get rich quick" types of businesses? The ones that talk about residual incomes from getting people into the business beneath you...and that insist you can make thousands of dollars simply from joining the business and getting other people to sign up under you? I had a phone call from a friend from church tonight - she's worked for several years as a demonstrator for a large chain of stores - but has now joined this business. She's trying to recruit me to join under her as one of her "downline" - telling me it really works - you do make up what money you put out to join in and then some - especially since the market isn't saturated with this business yet. To me ...I see a pyramid that eventually has to come to an end. And it really really bothers me - I'm just not interested in being involved in that sort of thing. And I get frustrated when people constantly push me to get involved. I did tell her I was very skeptical about the whole thing and really didn't want to get involved. I would be interested in hearing other's viewpoints on this though I'm not eager to get into a huge debate over it.

Argh...Iv'e got to get to bed. It's way late and my thoughts are very muddled. Tomorrow and Wednesday are both going to be long days...and I wonder how I'm going to work another job. (I did Amish runs most of the day today).

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Marilyn said...

No, you are not wrong. If there were an easy way to "get rich", everybody would sign up for these programs!