Thursday, June 7, 2007

Quiet Day

Well a slow start to the day...I'm really thankful for that today. It's nice to not have to get up and rush off to TQD class with one boy or running with another. Yesterday was a day spent mowing the lawn, working in the flower beds and recuperating from not feeling well the day before. Of course that was after an early TQD class so it was an early day. The lawn is completely mowed - for the first time in over a month. And I was able to get 3 day lily bulbs planted and a white coneflower. I still have quite abit of planting to do though it will probably wait until after our trip this weekend. My one "souvenir" of yesterday is the 4 large itchy, red, swollen bug bites that I have - made by a triangular looking fly-like bug. I think I managed to kill the ones that bit me but not before they'd had lunch - hopefully the itching will stop soon.

Today I have a haircut scheduled, have a few items to purchase at the grocery and jam to make. I also wanted to make banana muffins to take as a snack but not sure I'll get it done. Neither boy has any activity that they "have" to be at today - they are currently playing with Legos - have them spread out all over the family room. I'm thankful that they are still able to play together and enjoy themselves. And the TV is currently off!!

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Marilyn said...

Quiet days are good. It's nice to sit back and have a moment to catch one's breath.