Sunday, June 24, 2007

Raspberries & Kittens

It's a partly sunny afternoon - after rain this morning. It was really good to be able to make it back to church - it seemed like a very long time since I'd been. Both boys were finally healthy and feeling better. Pastor Jason spoke - I always appreciate his teachings. He spoke on "What Lies Beneath" - gave us the lies that the devil gives us and then gave us the truth about God. I wasn't able to take all the notes I wanted to take - missed some Scripture references that I would have liked to get down. This time I would really like to get a copy of the message so I can listen to it again later.

Pete was in church this morning - for second service. It was good to see her though I didn't get to say more than hello. I feel that I'm able to visit with her when I go to her house - I didn't want to take her energy at church. I'm scheduled to go back again this coming Thursday afternoon for a time - it gives her regular care-givers a break and I appreciate the opportunity to go.

Yesterday between the volunteer bush that is growing in the back patio and the wild bushes in the woods behind the house the boys and I picked 4 cups of raspberries. I still need another cup to make a batch of jam but figure that by tomorrow hopefully enough more will be ripe to get them. I really enjoy making jam - even though it's hot work - it's so satisfying. What makes all this even more fun is that Son1 tried a raspberry and decided that he likes them - fresh. So while we picked he ate.

Also yesterday we were able to give the surviving baby kitten that had been born on Friday back to it's mama - and she immediately started nursing it. We lost 2 of the 3 but I rather suspect they wouldn't have lived anyway. I think the reason that she wouldn't pay attention to them was because she wasn't finished delivering - she had a 4th that we know about.

It's going to be another busy week this week. I still have to see about a picture id for Son1 in addition to two Amish runs that are already scheduled. Son2 starts TaeKwonDo back again also so that's more running

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