Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A New Day

A new day...the bus is turned in, the house is slowly coming back together (emphasis on slowly), I've visited Pete and hopefully now things will slow down abit. It's a huge relief to have the bus turned in - strange to look out and have no big yellow "monster" sitting in the driveway but nice to no longer have that hanging over my head. So we will enjoy the empty space and the time off of school. I have flowers to plant, vegetables to weed and we've had rain.

Visiting Pete - that was much more difficult than I expected it to be. She seems at peace and stable at the moment which is good. Being there wasn't the challenge - but it sure brought back the memories for me. I just felt at a loss the rest of the day yesterday - unable to really focus on much of anything. I'm thankful that she has a relationship with God and we have the comfort of knowing that we will see her again. However it's so hard to think of her husband and young son who will be left to go on alone - as well as her grown children and their children who won't have the chance to know her.

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Marilyn said...

In your post you mentioned "Pete" has a relationship with God. More importantly, does she have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour?

Beth Moore in week 3 of the Daniel study, mentions trials in relationship to the fiery furnace. There are 3 scenarios in fiery trials:
We can be delivered from the fire with the benefit being our faith is built. We can be delivered through the fire with the benefit being our faith is refined. We can be delivered by the fire into His arms with the benefit of our faith being perfected. As we looked back over the last 10 years we can see where we have experienced the first 2 scenarios and been a witness to the last scenario. Praise the Lord when He allows us to go through fiery trials. How will we react?