Thursday, June 21, 2007

Boring Rambling

I've mowed part of the lawn - the part by the road that is very visible and made an appointment for Son1 to see the dr. tonight. He's come down with a sore throat and has been exposed to strep. Since his throat is nasty and swollen looking he's going in. I will take the pictures from the wedding to get them developed also. But overall I don't feel like I've accomplished much today at all - getting up early to take Son1 to driver's ed this week is wrecking havoc on my ability to accomplish much of anything.

Yesterday was overall a good day. The morning was fairly quiet - except for making a couple of phone calls - including one to the county treasurer's office. I needed to try to find out why my real estate taxes doubled over last year. I still don't feel that I got a good answer or much help but at least I got the call made. In the afternoon I went to spend time with Pete. She seems stable at the moment and in reasonably good spirits. We didn't have much time to talk one-on-one because she had other company but that was ok. It was a beautiful afternoon to sit outside and visit - not too hot and muggy. I hope to be able to go back again a week from today.

Tuesday was interesting...Son1 overslept and ended up missing his driver's ed class. (He's now found out that he can make up the time by going in 30 min. early and staying late tomorrow and next week) He was pretty upset about it but then decided to accept the inevitable with as much grace as possible. I appreciated the chance to have a quiet morning where I didn't have to run much of anywhere. In the afternoon I did a LONG run - it was local but I was gone over 6 hours. I think that's one of the longest runs I've done, timewise - definitely one of the longest local runs - just staying in the area.

OK...enough rambling for now...I'm going to have to fix dinner very soon so that we can head to town. However I'm waiting for the news to be over on the radio.

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