Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I feel abit overwhelmed this morning - like I've got more on my schedule than I can handle. I didn't realize how fast this week would fill up and how much I needed to get done. Son1 leaves for Space Camp Saturday night - he will spend the night in Detroit before flying to AB Sunday morning. He will be back the following Friday. Before he goes, he's got several activities with the youth group at church that he needs driven to - in addition to his running. Son2 has his normal TaeKwonDo class this afternoon and Friday morning - there is no class tomorrow morning due to the holiday. Instead I've taken an Amish run - leaving at 6:15 in the morning! But it should be short - just taking one person and 4 buggy wheels up north and dropping them off. I should be back by 8:30 or so. Later we are going to a friend's for a cookout - I've got 3 batches of brownies I need to make for that today. Son1 has gone to a neighbors to buy eggs so I can do that. (Farm fresh eggs are the best!) This afternoon I go to visit with Pete and give her regular care-giver a chance to get out. Thursday I have Bible study in the afternoon. Sometime I have to get both boys haircuts, do grocery shopping, get Son1 a state issued id...My best friend from OK is coming in on Sunday for a visit and Monday I have to be in South Bend for orientation - that's 2 days away. Thankfully Son2 and her son will be able to play together and keep each other occupied. After that it's what's left of the two weeks visit "playing" - we'll go to a water park and do some sightseeing and just enjoy spending time together. Then it's back to a regular summer schedule and work. School will be starting again shortly after that.

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