Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And The Saga Continues

I took the car and dropped it off yesterday at the repair shop after the fuse blew again Sunday morning. It was to be looked at this afternoon and hopefully repaired. Instead I got a call telling me I can come pick it up - they would like me to drive it to see if it goes out again. (The tech has done some creative wiring so the systoms that are on the fuse that keeps blowing all have their own individual fuses. The hope is to isolate for certain which system is causing the problem) So since I'm in town I arrange for someone to follow me home in the borrowed vehicle I'm driving and then they would bring me back into town in my car. That's all accomplished with no trouble and I head off to pick up Son1 at the laundromat where he's finishing up getting the bedding all washed and dried. We leave the laundromat and head to fast food then start to head home - and a fuse blows again. It's not the one that controls the daytime running lights - that's the one that the repair shop people think that it is - I know because suddenly the car is not wanting to shift properly and I've lost my speedometer and odometer. So...I call the repair shop again and tell them a fuse has blown and what I've lost this time. The car is scheduled to go back in tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime my "check engine" light is on, the car is "roaring" and does not want to go above 30 mph - if that. I'm really hoping I can physically get it to the repair shop tomorrow. And I'm scared to know how much it will cost me to get it fixed.

Thankfully I still have the borrowed car and I've figured out how to adjust the seat on that one. That's a small thing but it does make it more comfortable to drive - it's a Oldsmobile and was probably top of the line when it was new.

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