Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Progress

I'm tired tonight but it's still too hot to try to sleep I think. I don't feel like I accomplished overly much today - ran two runs, did laundry, sorted and shredded papers and sorted through some more books. I didn't eliminate as many from my collection this time but did put a few in the give-away pile. I now have two paper grocery bags full of books to give away. I also have a full paper recycling bin from the sorting I did earlier.

Son2 spent most of his day alone today - playing video games and watching Star Trek. He used to hate Star Trek - his dad loved it and his brother still does. It's been very interesting to watch him get into the program - right now they are working their way through all 7 seasons of Next Generation - episode by episode. Son1 got to go fishing today with a friend from church. I really didn't expect him to be gone as long as he was - he left around 9:30 this morning and didn't get back until after 3:00. However he had fun - guess they were successful as they had fried fish for lunch. He brought home fresh picked green beans - those were delicious with dinner tonight.

Well I've probably rambled on long enough - it's late and morning comes early.

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