Sunday, July 29, 2007

I spent about an hour outside tonight - pulling weeds in one of my flower beds. This is one that I've never had any poison ivy in before - it's down the hill away from the house. The poison ivy seems to come from the woods behind our house mainly so I'm hoping it's ok. Anyway...I've decided I can't live inside scared of getting the rash again. Pulling weeds is very theraputic for me - I love to be out in the evening - hearing the birds singing, watching cars go by, looking for deer and pulling weeds and otherwise playing in the dirt until I'm more than a little sweaty and muddy. Tonight the dirt was nice and soft - we've had rain recently so the soil was easier to work with and I feel like I got quite abit cleaned up among my irises and daylilies. The grass will need mowing soon - probably should be started tomorrow - that will depend on if I get any calls to do deliveries. And on that note I really should head to bed.

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