Tuesday, May 29, 2007

8th Grade Recognition

Wow....I'm amazed, awed, humbled and blessed...and really don't know how to describe my emotions.

Tonight was 8th Grade Recognition at the middle school. Son1 - being in 8th grade - got to go. The place was packed - and very hot. I don't think I've ever seen the gym that crowded - and am very glad I wasn't able to get a seat in the bleachers. Being on the "floor" in the handicapped seating (only seats available when I got there) was plenty hot enough! Anyway...Son1 was recognized for several things - he received the D.A.R. Award for excellence in American History. He received a Presidential Award certificate for receiving all A's this past year - along with a plaque. However the biggest award he received was the Nathan Frank Memorial Award. Nathan Frank was a 1995 graduate who was recognized for citizenship, scholarship, character, leadership, community and church involvement, as well as attendance and involvement in extracurricular activities. Nathan died in Sept. 1997 as a result of a sleep walking accident while at university where he was studying to become a teacher. This award is given to a student who demonstrates those same qualities. Son1 was chosen from among a group of 12 truly deserving nominees to be given this award.

Ok...I thought I lost this post...it's way past bedtime for me. Maybe tomorrow things will make more sense and I'll be able to process stuff better.

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Marilyn said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Son1. We are so very, very proud of him and know his daddy would about be "bursting his buttons." You have done a phenomenal job with the boys and it shows in Son1's achievements.