Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekly Recap - Long

Well it's been almost a week since I've taken time to catch up on this. (Actually I haven't journalled privately at all either - usually I do at least one if not both almost daily). It's been a rather crazy week to say the least - just alot of running and not accomplishing much at all. I really don't even know where to start.

This morning I ran an Amish run - just local doing grocery shopping. It was a little longer and usually makes less income. However I'm thankful for it - it will add abit of gas to the car until I can fill it properly. While I was gone the boys were supposed to be doing their weekend chores and not fighting. They accomplished the not fighting and part of the weekend chores. However I'm soon going to have to give them lunch and then get them moving on what else I want done. Since last week was so crazy we are behind and need to begin to get caught up.

I'm still dealing with poison ivy - the doctor's office says that it's been taking 2-3 weeks to clear up. Thankfully it's not as nasty as it was - looks more like I burned myself than anything else. But it does still itch and I'm still seeing spots breaking out. In the future when I'm done pulling weeds or whatever outside I will be taking extra precautions to wash any oils off my skin! I will also be making sure to use insect repellent so I don't have to deal with as many bug bites.

The field trip I drove on Tuesday was fun. Technically I didn't have to stay at the location - could leave and come back to pick the students up again. However since I needed to work on assignments for my course I opted to stay to try to get some pictures done - it was a beautiful area - very peaceful. I saw a deer while I was out walking - it was too far away to get a good picture but I did take one that does show it. The most exciting thing for me was that while I was sitting on a bench reading I had a butterfly land - first beside me, then right on my hand. I probably sat there for 15-20 min. taking pictures - using both cameras. I really feel like I got some good shots and sure enjoyed myself. I also was able to get a shot of a flower that I think (hope) will fulfill the redo of the one photo from my first unit. Eventually I'll hope to post pictures here - right now I haven't taken time to try to figure out how yet.

Wednesday was Son2's birthday - and just an emotionally difficult day for me. There's no particular reason for the emotions - was just a combination of stuff. Unfortunately we didn't get to do anything really special to celebrate his birthday - he went to TaeKwonDo class then came home and I made his favorite casserole for dinner. He had taken cookies to share with his class during the day - that was pretty much it. He is saving his birthday money to get an IPod.

Thursday...I can't remember what was going on - except for Grief Group in the evening. Son1 has decided that he is ready to close - stop going to Group and will do that next time. I have mixed emotions - I can see that he's doing really well and does seem to be ready. But it's another sign that he's growing up and that is kind of sad. He's almost finished with middle school and will be a high school student - seems like just yesterday he was a toddler. Yet he's experienced so much. He had his last middle school choir concert Tuesday night - and his first solo performance in choir. (He's done solos at church before but not school). He did a great job singing "Summer Loving" from "Grease" - as a duet with another girl. I know he was really really nervous but did very well.

Friday I was actually able to begin catching up on stuff around the house. I also learned that a friend of mine - "Pete" from church has been put on hospice care and treatment for her cancer has been stopped. She's married, has a son just a little younger than Son2 and a couple of makes me sad. I don't know how to feel or even really how to pray. I want to spend time with her - just being there and hope to have that opportunity but just don't know. I know prayers would be appreciated for her and her family.

Lunch is ready so I'd better go and start getting stuff done.

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Marilyn said...

It sounds like you have been busy. Son1 is growing up - I can't believe he is already going to high school. I'm glad he is doing well in getting over what he has gone through. We're praying for you.