Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Silly Sally Dog

So earlier this evening it's thundering and lightening out - we are under a severe thunderstorm watch and warning (I get those all confused). The wind was blowing hard - trees looked almost sideways and honestly I kept waiting for branches to come down - or a close lightening strike. Thankfully that didn't happen. However we did - again - have a power outage - very short this time but enough to knock all the clocks out, the computer off, tv, etc off. And apparently enough to thoroughly scare Sally - for the next hour or so she was right where I was - and as close as she could physically get to me. She followed me to do the laundry - which she *never* does, dishes, and even tried to climb in my lap! She's so silly! And honestly - while I'm not a huge dog lover I'm very thankful we have her.

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