Monday, May 7, 2007

Saturday Meet

Well...we had tears again after the meet. The meet itself went fine - it was very interesting to watch (except too cold to stay outside the entire time) as it was all relays. However they weren't the standard 4x400 m relays - they were all mixed up. For example the first two runners ran 100m each, the next one ran 200m and the 4th ran 400m or the first ran 200m, the second 400m, the third 800m and the fourth 1200m. They also had hurdle relays where they had teams divided into two parts - one ran the hurdles in one direction, the other ran the other way. Son1 got another Personal Record on his leg of the 4x400m relay - shaved another second off his time. That seems like so little typed out but it's huge for him. And he knew he was running faster as he was doing it - his body was telling him so. So I was proud of him and he was pleased I think. The tears came after we got home - when he was telling me about the teammate who has bullied him in the past - and how angry he was at this teammate at the meet. Apparently L had put ice cubes down Son1's back. That is something that generally tends to be done in fun but Son1 took it as a personal attack. So he's frustrated with the whole situation - and I truthfully don't know how to help encourage him. I did remind him that he's only got a week of track left this year and then he moves on to the high school. (this student is younger than him - and is definitely a bully but in a different grade)

This coming week will be another busy one - I drove another field trip this morning, Son1 has 3 track meets this week and Son2 has TaeKwonDo class. We also have Erin's house on Thursday night. I desparately need to be able to accomplish when I am at home this week - not sure how I will manage that.

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