Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Recap

We got home around 11:00 pm last night - the drive back was one of the best we've had in a very long time - at least as far as making good time was concerned. It really seems best to just take 30 all the way - we didn't have major traffic or construction. The only headache was the red lights and they weren't too bad.

I'm really glad we went - the boys enjoyed each other. It was such a treat to have Ty run up and greet us all by name - he's grown so much. And really he seems to be doing much better with his diet. It breaks my heart that he has these food allergies but he seems to be coping well overall. JC is getting taller - he's grown but the changes weren't as obvious. I so much enjoyed spending time with La - trying to catch up on months of news in just a few short hours. We didn't nearly get all our talking done but again...I'm glad we went. And I ended up taking two rolls of pictures - plus a few on the digital. Hopefully some will come out nicely. I've labelled the tops of the cases with date, time of day, weather and location - some of my photography stuff is sticking I guess.

Since we got home...I've done some much needed grocery shopping and shovelled 2.25 tons of gravel out into the hole the bus has dug in the driveway. Thankfully the gravel was dumped right there so I didn't have much to do except spread it out but we are still talking 2.25 tons! And we still need more - it will likely come tomorrow or the next day. The hope is that the gravel will pack down into the hole providing a more solid surface for the bus (and any cars that come to visit). It sure didn't seem like that much.

And thankfully Son2 did not have a bad reaction to the sunburn he got on Saturday. For the most part, he's actually faded back to his normal color. Son1 on the other hand, still has a reddish brick tint to his skin. My face is still more colorful than normal but hopefully won't peel.

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