Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Long Day & Track Results

Ok....I really think two trips yesterday was just a bit much! I drove another big bus (84 passenger, flat nose) yesterday morning - taking preschool and kindergarden to a farm near the elementary school. The driving was not much - all of about 6 miles round trip. However! I had to back that bus up - from a very narrow, overgrown lane into a field! Avoiding a fence post, a sign and a telephone pole in the back and numerous trees in the front! Now in my own regular bus that would not have been too difficult to do - or even if yesterday morning was NOT the very FIRST time I'd driven this particular bus! But since I wasn't in my own bus and it was the very first time I'd driven this bus that back-up and turn-around was a challenge! I was sweating by the time I finished it. And of course the parents and teachers were thinking it would help me more if they got off the bus so I wouldn't have to deal with the kids chatter! (Absolutely not - then I would not only have had non-living obstacles to look for but the kids!) But outside of that turn-around the trip was a breeze - and the weather was beautiful.

The second trip was completely unscheduled - during afternoon route time a radio call came out for someone to go pick up the Varsity Golf team from a town south of here. (Actually the initial call was for someone to do it both ways - the driver who took them down couldn't bring them back). So since I already knew that I was not going to Son1's track meet due to Son2 having TaeKwonDo class I figured that if it was "late enough" - not conflicting with class I could do it. So I got home from afternoon route, took off with Son2 for TaeKwonDo class, then got home from that and 15 minutes or so later took off again for this hour long drive to find the golf course and get the team! So I did make it down there by 7:30 pm only to have to wait 30 minutes until they were finished. It was 9:15 before I made it home after dropping off the team at the high school. Talk about a long day!

Son1 got 2 more PR's at the meet - he ran the mile in 6.28 and the 400 in 1.12. His 800 m was a little slower than the last time he ran it. I really would like to go to his meet tonight but it's an hour west of here and would be another very late night. Son1 has half-jokingly decided that he runs better without me there. I struggle with that as it's so important to me to be at as many of the boys' events/activities as I possibly can. On the other hand, I can only run so much before both the son not participating and I burn out from exhaustion. So...we will likely stay home tonight unless Son1 does not meet the bus after school before he leaves.

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