Saturday, May 12, 2007

We are safely in Chicago tonight - I'm watching 4 boys and 2 dogs! So far all has gone well. I'm exhausted - actually we are all exhausted and sunburned. Son1 had his last middle school track meet (ever) today. This was the first year he has gone to the NELSMC conference meet so it was a new experience for all of us. Most of the sprints had time trials so the meet itself didn't actually start until well after 11:00 am and Son1's events weren't until after 1:00 pm. Since Son2 and I arrived at the meet around 10:00 am and we didn't leave until after 4:00 it was a very long day. However all that said....Son1 did get another PR in the 400m race - he ran it in 1:09:4 and his form looked good. Coach McK was there and he said Son1 looked really good also - that the shorter distances were helping his form and speed - they were forcing him to improve. So I'm really excited for him. Overall I think the team took second place. Better stop for now - it sounds like I've got to go rescue a plastic bottle from a dog.

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