Monday, April 30, 2007

It's Official

It's official - Son2 is now officially signed up to do Tai Kwon Do again. Tonight was the hardest class I've watched so far - focusing on personal discipline (and integrity). Students spent time standing at attention (not military attention - but back straight, hands at their hips, eyes straight ahead) for one minute at a time. Then it was 4 different stretches - holding each one for a count of 60. This doesn't sound like much but picture arms up and forward, hands clasped, palms facing outwards - legs in a half squat (a squat would have been easier!), or 1 knee bent, the other stretched out behind or bent over, hands on the floor - clasped. I'm sure my desciptions don't give one any idea how difficult these were - I rarely see Son2 sweating during class. He did tonight - just dripping down his face. He was tired when it was over! However he wants to do this bad enough that my telling him that we won't attend class unless he picks up is good incentive. So...we will see now how it continues. I really would love to see him get his black belt. It will take time and work though.

On a different note I finally got my unit 1 assignments back. Two of the three pictures I sent in generally were good - showing I understood the objectives. The other one I have to redo - it wasn't quite what they wanted to see. I'm not as disappointed over it as I was afraid I might be - the instructor was very clear in his explanations of what I did right and wrong. And I had an "ah-ha" moment on the one that had to demonstrate distance - near and far in the same picture. It's still scary - can I actually get good enough to help to support myself and the boys?

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