Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This is the start of another long day - I'm one of 8 buses driving an elementary school to the Wizards game. This will be the first time I've done that so it will be an experience - and a LONG day.

Last night's track meet went fairly well - it was certainly fun to watch. The other team had a kid who grew up in Kenya - I think his background was from a country close to Kenya. Anyway....he could run!!! Any race he was in we were pretty much guaranteed to come in second at best - he was usually at least half a lap ahead of our best guys. Even starting near the back of the line-up he just took off and moved ahead. And he made it look effortless! Son1 was less than satisfied with how he did overall - his mile time was bit slower than it was last Thursday. However he did get a Personal Record on his 400 meter run. He's not a sprinter and that shows in his gait so to have that be the only PR he had is really good.

Son2 was a challenge - he didn't want to go to the meet, he didn't want to eat where we ate after the meet, he didn't want to to go bed when we got home. ...As a firstborn I can't understand all his frustrations at getting "dragged" to all his brother's activities and not being involved in much of his own. Yet I will admit it's kind of a pain - especially since he doesn't have the option to stay home and have another family member watch him. And it's exhausting.

Got to go - it's getting late and I'm not ready for work.

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