Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two in a Row

The above was the scene from our 3 season room yesterday afternoon - it gives an idea of how much snow we had.

School ended up being closed today - we headed down to the bus about 7:10 - made it there to get it started by 7:30. Roads were slick - the highway especially had black ice and I fishtailed more than I have in a long time. Bus started with absolutely no problem and we ended over to a friend's house for coffee. She is one of the moms off my bus route and we're becoming friends - she has coffee available for several of the local neighborhood moms - we sit and chat. Stretch and Squirrel hung out there as well - Stretch finished up his homework that was due tomorrow. I finally got the call telling me school was closed for the day about 8:15 - pretty much last minute. We have drivers on the road by 8:30 (6:30 on a regular day). Dipstick did have school - he just went late.

Dipstick is on a 2 hour delay already for tomorrow. We are closed! I got that phone call before 4:30 pm! I'm rejoicing as is Stretch - Squirrel not so much. He's upset that he's missing band and Math Academic Bowl practice. I am amused as it's so much like Stretch was 4 years ago at the same age.

I am looking forward to being able to sleep in some and unpack more. We will also be going to the old house for a short time to make sure it's looking decent - apparently there is a showing scheduled for Saturday afternoon. This is the first showing in over 2 months so we will see what happens. In the meantime today I made a parts run for B - drove his big pick-up to Leesburg to pick up two engines. One is ready to be put back together - the other needs disassembled and sent to the machine shop. Roads were bad - I drove really slowly. I really didn't have any problems except when I had to cross a RR track right before I got there - right turn and up a steep grade. Made it ok on the third attempt. Needless to say I came home a different way.

This picture is from this evening - just as the sun was going down. Guess that's rather obvious if one looks at the round glow shining through the trees. It doesn't do the colors justice but I thought it was pretty. Today was a beautiful day - clear, sunny and very cold.


Apple said...

I can't remember ever knowing a day ahead that we'd be closed! Enjoy your long weekend.

Karen said...

The photos are beautiful. Glad you got a day off too.