Friday, January 2, 2009

Haven't taken time to write here or organize my thoughts for New Years. I did spend some time yesterday getting my end of year filing done - that felt good. Today will be a day of running errands - some for B and some for the boys. Tomorrow Stretch, Squirrel and I travel to Chicago for Uncle Ed's funeral. The goal is to leave here by 8:00 am - I have no realistic idea when we will get back. Monday is return to school for everyone except Dipstick. Then the 3 of us - not Dipstick and B - will leave that evening to go to OH to meet Grandpa for Grandma's buriel. We will be back sometime Tuesday. After that I hope to be able to take time to slow down and ponder some. I really want to change some things - keep some things the same and take regular time to reflect.


Linds said...

Hi sounds like a sad start to the New Year for you and your family. Take care on your travels. I will be praying for you all. Getting back to "normal" seems harder the older we get!

Apple said...

I'm very sorry for your losses. I wish you safe travels. I hope that things slow down a little for you this year.


Mary said...

Like you I am hoping to spend more time this year reflecting - for me my goal will be reflecting on the things that really matter - opposed to the racing thoughts that crowd my head, at times, leaving me too exhausted to even think rationally. I tend to have some interesting head debates with myself. To truly reflect requires a lot of discipline. Often when I start, I get side tracked with other thoughts that crowd in - and before you know it I am being analytical and not reflective. Maybe I should;d write a post about my dilemma? - I feel like I am almost making a post here ;)

Look forward to your return to posting.