Friday, January 9, 2009

Back to Work

B got a phone call this morning - telling him they would like him back to work on Monday. He has rather mixed emotions about this - relief I think that they are calling him back and that it will be "guaranteed" income yet uncertainty about how he will finish the work he has lined up to do now. I've gotten kind of used to having him home during the day - knowing if I need him I can go out to the shop and chat with him. So we are up for more changes in our lives - and scheduled time to slow down has not happened yet.

I was really glad that Stretch, Squirrel and I were able to go to OH for Grandma's burial - I was a little bit afraid we would have to cancel at the last minute because I was sick the night before - ended up missing work Monday morning. The drive took longer than I expected it to - although I know it would have helped if we had not taken the scenic route through town simply attempting to get to OH. (My ability to find places easily is definitely NOT the best! All B could do when I told him was shake his head and go "Oh hon!" while he was laughing). We took out time coming back - the weather was occasionally bad but not terrible.

There's more to write about - I was really glad also that we were able to go to Uncle Ed's funeral as well last Saturday. However Squirrel and Dipstick are waiting for me to come play a game with them and I've lost my ability to concentrate. One thing I want to write about eventually is expectations vs reality - that's something that's been on my mind recently.


Linds said...

It is good to know you made it to the funerals and home again safely, Edith. I am looking forward to your eventual post! Intriguing!

Mary said...

I had to smile - I can never get from A to B without popping through a few other letters. I always allow extra time when traveling. Good news about work.