Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Depression is being an issue this morning - not sure why really. The house is quiet...I'm the only one home...know there's work to be done but can't decide where to start. The frustration comes partly because I feel like I'm the one picking up after all of us - and when I'm not I feel like a nag because I'm after the others to take care of their stuff. This is especially true with Dipstick - Stretch and Squirrel already know things like not to get dressed in the family room, take clothes - clean or dirty and put them where they should go, etc. I rather feel like no one notices when I get stuff tidied up - they just mess it again. That's all a reason not for depression but for a change in attitude or perspective. I'm just not sure how to accomplish that.

I'm rather hoping that Squirrel's TKD class is canceled for tonight partly because I just want another evening at home and partly because we are under multiple winter weather advisories and warnings - including one for a blizzard. Snow is definitely blowing and drifting across the road and it's been coming down pretty much all morning. We are back down to tiny little flakes again rather the big fluffy looking ones...either way they are mostly blowing sideways. I've taken inventory of the cupboards and we have plenty of groceries to last for a few days - the one thing we will run out of quickest is milk and that can be gotten at the gas station if necessary. Getting snowed in would have the benefit of my having boys around to finish putting Christmas stuff away - most of it's done except for getting the tree actually down. Ornaments are already down and away - that happened quickly this year and it was nice.

I did realize this morning that I likely messed up my paycheck for the next couple of pay periods - not getting my paperwork in from being gone last week. That's frustrating to say the least...I'll have to figure out how to fix that.

O.k....there's laundry to do - meat to get out for supper...and maybe if I swept I would feel like I accomplished something today. We will see...I am going to leave way early for the bus route this afternoon - simply to make sure I get there and get my bus picked up from the shop where it's being serviced in plenty of time. I think also if I went back to making lists that would help - both lists of my blessings as well as things to accomplish daily. And schedules for the boys!


Daiquiri said...

Hi Edith - thanks for dropping me a comment this morning. And I was so happy to see your revised comment...was feeling really bad about you NOT being happily remarried! :)

Sorry you're having a tough morning. Doesn't help when we always tell ourselves "I don't have any reason to feel this way!" If only it were so easy...just to think our way out of the way we feel. I guess that's part of what makes it an illness. You can't choose to control it any more than a diabetic can choose to "think" their blood sugar into a healthy range!

Anyway - just wanted to say hello and to offer a word of encouragement. And to let you know that you're not alone.


Linds said...

I don't know if I have told you how glad I am to hear your husband has got his job back again, Edith. Great news. And thanks too for your lovely encouraging comments. I really appreciate them so much.

I know how getting going some days is such an effort, and I can identify with the same things re picking up and clearing. I think if you just sit the whole family down and run through the family rules once, it may be a great reminder that you all have to work together to have a home running smoothly. Males, especially, seem to need reminding! Drive carefully in that snow!

Mary said...

Thinking of you today - hoping that this cloud lifts soon.

Shanna said...

Oh, Edith! How I have those days too! Thinking about ya and sorry to hear you had such a bad morning with the bus. :( Maybe I'll see ya at coffee tomorrow. :)