Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Half the Story

It's been a most definitely interesting morning this morning and the day is barely half gone! It is a beautiful peaceful very cold morning out - snow is falling softly in big fluffy flakes - visibility is less than half a mile. The wind is blowing at times - lightly and roads are snow-covered.

Stretch, Squirrel and I left the house this morning about 6:10 - earlier than normal - to get to the bus as I was afraid it would not start. It didn't - neither did the spare at the middle school. (I just got a call from hubby telling me that school will be released early again! It was yesterday as well - my bus was in the shop getting serviced and I only had 40 min notice. Today at least the notice is more - 90 min. However my car is still in the ditch down the road - more on that later) I ended up driving a 84 passenger snub nose for my route and running quite late so only had half the passengers I usually do. We made it safely to school - late but safe. I gave the snub nose back to it's regular driver (who couldn't get it started this morning either), left her spare at the middle school and made sure my bus was cared for so it would hopefully start this afternoon.

On that note I'm going to finish my coffee and head out again...will post more later with some pictures.


Mary said...

It sounds all very chaotic. Must say however, that I am very impressed that you can handle an 84 seater - I barely get my 4 seater sedan under control ;)

Hope your day has a little sunshine in it.


Apple said...

I've never driven anything that long. It's always tough getting a spare and I'm sure the weather just made things more frustrating. I also hate short notice on call backs. We were blessed this morning, they paid all the guys to come in early and they had mine warming up for me when I arrived.

I hope that you don't have too much trouble retrieving your car and that the rest of the week goes very smoothly!