Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lost and Found

I got a bee in my knickers tonight and found my lost specs! I decided there was no way that they could have fallen out of my bedside table and therefore had to be behind it - in it. (Squirrel is standing beside me telling me he thinks he broke his toe! Dropping the fire poker thingy on it just a few minutes ago. I'm certain it's not broken but equally certain it does hurt). Deciding the specs had to be behind/in the bedside table actually involved my taking the back off the table as the drawers would not come out. B just came in for supper so I'd better go for now - this looks like it won't post anyway.


Mary said...

I'm familiar with a bee in the bonnet - but, a bee in ya knickers - yikes - that sounds mighty serious ;)

Linds said...

I have this vision of you in a cartoon like fashion with legs going round on the spot like the roadrunner, and the family standing round watching in awe as you dismember furniture at top speed.... you do make me laugh, Edith! Glad you found the specs though!