Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Another snow day today...and what feels like complete chaos around here this morning. Stretch is waiting on his turn on the computer and watching TLC, Squirrel is playing a computer game on the "game computer" and Dipstick is playing PS2 right next to him. It's snowing heavily at the moment - and visibility is limited. All the same there are vehicles "flying" past here this morning.

I just talked to a friend of mine - and the mom of one of my kids off my bus. She had to go push her husband out of their driveway this morning as he got stuck - they live in town which is usually in better shape then out. I'm rather glad I stopped and got milk last night - even though I paid more than it would cost at the grocery store. As it was...driving home last night I felt like I was driving blind - could tell where the edge of the highway was mainly by way of the rumble strips. By the time Stretch came home it had eased up considerably.

I plan to spend the day doing laundry, baking and putting stuff away. We will see how it goes.


Linds said...

Have fun pottering about, Edith, and stay warm!

Apple said...

I hope you enjoyed the day off. We stayed open but all the schools south of us were closed. I'm very thankful we didn't get ice.

Mary said...

I'm dealing with a heat wave and you have extreme cold. Boy, the weather conditioners sure can dictate our day. Must say, as much as the heat is tiring, at least it is not as dangerous as driving on icy roads and trying to see through windscreens.

Please take extra care.

scrappy quilter said...

Wow sounds like you got quite a bit of snow. We are expecting a Colorado low this coming Mon. so should have quite a bit too. Right now we don't have near the snow we normally do at this time of the year.

Mary said...

Long time no hear - everything okay?