Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Car Retrieved

Well the car is retrieved. B took the skidloader and several shovels down and was able to pull it out - no harm done. I suppose I should mention that the car went in the ditch because I pulled over in a narrow area of the road to let the snow plow go past - I basically got "sucked in" by the deep snow in that area. Afternoon bus route went o.k. though the roads were definitely bad and students were understandably wild. I have phoned a couple of parents this evening - not sure how the results will be but will wait and see.

We are on a 2 hour delay for the morning already - I'm thankful for that. HoweverBoss wants the buses all running by 7:30 am - that means we have to leave here by 7:10 or so. That gives the buses close to an hour to run before we get on the roads. They should be fairly warm by then.

Pictures will have to wait - I did take a couple earlier this evening. It's bedtime and I'm tired - my sense of humor is pretty much gone - I was laughing earlier about the day.


Apple said...

I'm happy the car had no damage. A driver near Syracuse found her bus in the ditch for the same reason. It's darn hard to judge where the edge is when everything is white! Ours all started ok this morning but we had one overheat - it was so cold the shutters froze!

Linds said...

Thank heavens youi are ok and the car too. Good heavens. This is not the type of snow we see here! Photos would be great! Your sense of humour is still there, Edith!