Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tractor Show and other fun

It's already Tuesday and I'm just now getting to update here. I had basically no internet access over the weekend - no matter what I tried I could not seem to connect. Sunday afternoon I finally called repair and got it working. Turned out something was jammed between the router and the modem and nothing was talking. Frustration to say the least.

Friday night I covered a run for Suz - she had intended on doing it until her daughter was up sick with croup Thursday night and they had to make an ER run. Miss Jess is doing ok now though she is still at risk for another episode for the next week or so.
Anyway that had me out fairly late Friday night.

Saturday morning B and Dipstick picked us up about 8:30 am - we went to breakfast then headed north to a antique tractor show. It was smaller than I had expected it to be - not sure why - except that it was indoor - nice since the day was cold and gray anyway. I had a lot of fun wandering the aisles. I still don't have much understanding of tractors - am beginning to learn that each name (i.e. John Deere, Allys Chalmers, etc) has a corresponding color - green, orange, red, etc. So one can recognize the type of tractor by the color. There was also a "craft" section - nothing too spectacular or unusual. There were a lot of machine embroidered towels, shirts, etc for sale - mostly all relating to tractors. What was interesting was that one couple had their machines there - actually doing the embroidery. One was completely computer controlled - all you had to do was set it up and let it go. It was an industrial type machine. The other was smaller and required a little more attention. Squirrel especially was fascinated - he says I need to get a machine that will do that. We will see - some things would be fun but sewing is definitely NOT my strong point. And I prefer to wander with B at this point in time.

From there we had lunch then went to another museum that actually had 5 museums in it. There was a WWII museum with an amazing amount of stuff in a rather small space; a Corvette museum that we think we missed, a TV and radio museum that we skipped, another one that had things like the Batmobile, Knight Rider's car Kit, the A-Team's van, the General Lee...that was fun and one other that I think we missed. There was also a race car show that day in the main lobby. To watch the boys wander and look at all that stuff was wow!
By that time we were all tired but headed back west to a local Home and Garden Show. The boys grumbled a bit about going there but I'm glad we went. It was fun to be able to see and handle some of the different options to put in a house. The Garden part really wasn't much at all - that was a bit disappointing. And I would have liked to find a scrapbooking table at one of these events. We ended the day by supper at B's followed by a trip to the supercenter for milk and stuff followed by a movie at my house. Everyone except me fell asleep during the movie so no one has really seen the entire thing.

Sunday was spent recuperating (at least for me) after church. Emotionally I had a tough day - talked about foot washing in Sunday School class - the discussion brought back memories of high school followed by memories of Mike and the churches we attended in OK. Then B and I walked into service to "Because He Lives" being sung. That song is one that my dad has always thought of as "my song" because it's one I've loved for years - and I requested that it be done at Mike's memorial service as a testimony of how and why I could continue on after having gone through so much with his illness. There is no way that without God I could have handled all that. Being emotionally worn and physically exhausted I struggled with the house being a major mess that afternoon. Was able to get a nap and get some stuff done but I'm still way behind on house work.

Last night I "clipped" a deer - first one I've ever hit. I was rushing to get to B's house to ride along with him to pick up Dipstick from Boy Scouts - had just thought "I hoped no deer came out in front of me" when I crested a rise to 4 deer crossing the road. I thought sure I was really going to hit the deer hard but thankfully mostly missed it. The only damage to the car is the right front fog lamp needs replaced. No idea what happened to the deer. (I don't normally go to B's during the week - but needed a signature from him on some paperwork and knew he needed to be able to work in his shop so figured it would be better if I went there).

Guess I've rambled enough - not going to get a whole lot done around here today - have to leave early to go clean out my bus a bit - it's in the shop getting a window replaced. However I will probably be getting a different bus back.


Marilyn said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend. I used to know the colors of tractors, but then companies merged and changed colors so now I'm confused! One stable one though is John Deere - Green!! Ford used to be gray and red, but then they changed to blue. I think Allis Chalmers has stayed orange and IH is now red. It's been awhile since I've thought about farm equipment ;)!

Anonymous said...

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Widsith said...
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Widsith said...

My friend's Dad (who's also my Mom's 5th cousin, I think) has always been a BIG fan of John Deere. I remember admiring his John Deere miniature tractor collection. And just recently I spotted some John Deere placemats in a picture of their dining room! :)

Your outing sounds like so much fun! Wish Joel and I could have joined you!