Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Squirrel and Dipstick helped clean out the gutters on the roof last fall - I truly didn't expect to have to do it again until mid-summer or later.

The snow is melting and it's a beautiful sunny day today. It is still cold out though it is supposed to warm up later. I think though that they are expecting another storm later this week - not sure if it will be snow or rain. Monday night I had intended to get out with the camera and go for a walk to see what sort of pictures I could take. Instead I ended up spending the evening clearing out ice blockages from the gutters - our porch roof was dripping as was the inside of the front door. :( I did most of the work - just from the stepladder. Stretch helped finish when he got backfrom his run. Squirrel helped steady the ladder - he was the one that drew my attention to the problem in the first place.

Last night - Tuesday was TaeKwonDo for Squirrel. It's been almost a month since he's been in class so he really needed to be there. I did not get to watch much of class as I went and did the grocery shopping - we were about out of milk. Squirrel felt like he still had the energy to play catch after class but by the time we got the groceries unloaded and put away, supper fixed and eaten and chickens cared for it was time to do homework and get to bed. Daylight savings time tends to make it much harder for me to get him to bed.

Tonight is Math Bowl for Squirrel - it was supposed to occur March 4th but was postponed until the 5th due to the weather. We ended up canceling school that day and missed it. As a result Squirrel's elementary school has set up another competition - they will be hosting it tonight. Two other schools who missed last week's competition will be there tonight. Stretch really really wanted to attend Wednesday night youth group tonight - that caused some conflict between the boys. I ended up phoning our new youth pastor (who had offered Stretch a ride) and expressing my concerns - Squirrel really wanted Stretch to be there to support him - he's attended many many of Stretch's events and has had very few himself. The youth pastor's position was that Stretch needs to be there to support his brother - church is important but in this case family is more important and it's more "spiritual" for him to attend the Math Bowl. I am so thankful for a supportive youth pastor who understands that family comes before church events and after one's relationship with God. He is going to call Stretch this afternoon to talk to him.

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