Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy Weekend

It was a busy crazy weekend with very late nights. I'm tired this morning though of course the fact that we went to Daylight Savings Time in addition to late nights has not helped at all. Friday night Stretch, Squirrel and I went toWinterJam . It's a music tour that comes only one night a year - usually has one or two "headliner" groups and several other "newer" groups that are not as well known. Tickets are not available ahead of time - it's a "first-come, first served" deal. This time the line wound around outside the building and through the parking lot. There were probably 10,000 people in attendance. We ended up sitting behind the stage - made for a very interesting perspective. Most groups did not travel to the back of the stage to relate to those seated behind them - a few did. It would have been nice if more had. Overall the music was very very loud and the screaming fans made it more challenging for both me and Squirrel to enjoy the evening. Stretch loved it! Probably during the first half of the evening the most fun part for me was to see the stage crew dealing with a fire that started on stage. One of the groups (a very hard rock group) had flames that shot up occasionally - along with fireworks mixed in. Apparently sparks from one of the fireworks got into an amp which then started on fire. I saw a stage hand go over to the amp, bend whatever was in front of it down and look at it a couple of times - rather like he couldn't believe what he was actually seeing. He left, came back...along with 2 others. Then a fire extinguisher showed up and was used. They pulled the amp out, set it down at the back of the stage then laid it down - I could see it was completely ruined - with a burnt hole all the way through it. They replaced the amp and then a stage hand stayed at the back of the stage watching throughout the rest of that group's time on stage. It was handled very professionally and I think that very few people actually noticed what was going on - especially since Skillet - the rock band - kept playing without missing a beat! I'm not at all sure that any members except the drummer who was right beside the area even knew something was going on. The mess from the fire extinguisher was not cleaned up until intermission when the entire stage was pretty much rearranged. The final group was "Mercy Me" - that was one of the main reasons that I wanted to go - they finished the evening doing several worship songs.
Squirrel and I spent quite a bit of time walking the corridors just to give our ears a break from the volume - he was ready to go home before intermission. One nice thing was that because we were in the closest in parking lot - it cost more - we were able to get out of the lot in 5 minutes once the evening ended.

Saturday night B and I took Dipstick and Squirrel on our "date" with us. We went to dinner at a favorite location for the boys and then went to a movie. We had wanted to see "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" but did not finish dinner in time. Instead we ended up watching "10,000 B.C." which actually was quite good. Stretch did not come with us because he had a youth group meeting - he only beat us home by a little bit.

On a different note...I picked up my glasses on the way to the Friday night concert. I think they are cute looking - B says I look cute wearing them. No one else has really commented. The only place I have trouble wearing them is while I'm at the computer - they seem to make it more difficult to see the screen then not wearing them. One other thing I accomplished this weekend was taking my tripod to the camera store to figure out why I couldn't make it rotate in all the angles I want it able to rotate. Turns out it is doable - I just need practice. I will save my pennies to get amono-pod but am glad the tripod does not need to be replaced. O.K. enough rambling for to scoot to get ready for my K shuttle and then Idesperately need a nap!

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