Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This morning on bus route we saw 5 blue herons - all in a group. To me it was amazing! I've never seen more than one at a time so this was an unusual treat. We also saw 4 deer and numerous geese. There are red-winged blackbirds around - spring is coming! The buds on trees are getting just slightly bigger daily.

The weekend turned out pretty good. My finger is not broken as best as I can tell - it is severely bruised and still sore especially if I use it too much - without the splint. I was absolutely amazed how much better it felt once I put an over the counter splint on it! The oven still works just fine - Stretch made a batch of cookies in it later on Saturday.

Saturday evening B and I had a date - he had called several of my friends as well as his parents, Jay and a couple of other people to meet us for supper at a newly remodeled cafe in town. He managed all of this without me knowing anything about it - I was much impressed. The food was delicious and I know I ate far too much! My closest friends and B and I closed the place down - we just sat and chatted after everyone else left.

Sunday after church we were invited to B's family Easter meal. Stretch and Squirrel were excited - they really really enjoy these get-togethers. Mostly the teens and kids played downstairs while the adults visited or fell asleep in front of the tv upstairs. Not everyone was able to make it but I at least had a lot of fun.

O.k....I gave myself 30 minutes this morning before I had to get moving and doing stuff around the house - it's rather a mess. My 30 minutes were up 5 minutes ago so it's time to get moving.

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