Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well I have officially fractured my finger. There is a triangular shaped chip visible on the x-ray that is consistent with a compression fracture according to the dr. The xray tech - on viewing the films before the doctor saw them says "yup" then came around the corner to ask if it was more comforting to know there was a reason or would I rather not? That made me laugh. It is now splinted with a different splint and buddy taped to the finger next to it. Pain has decreased immensely since that was done and I am relieved to know that there was a reason for it to hurt! Of course it makes every day life slightly more challenging having two fingers out of commission.
In other things - it's a beautiful sunny day - not too cold - spring-like. The chicken coop is cleaned with fresh litter, food and water. (The cleaning gets done every couple of months or and water is daily) Bits and pieces of the house are getting done and we will soon head to town for the rest of the day. B and Dipstick left early this morning for CO - Dipstick is on spring break. They will be back next weekend.

O.k...time is up for now. More another time.


Apple said...

Sorry it's broken but at least now you know. Do you have spring break coming up? Ours is in two weeks - something to look forward to. My kids have been so bad I dread going to work every afternoon.

Edith said...

Yes we do have spring break coming up - first full week of April. And I dread afternoons as well as kids are wound up and loud.

Bev said...

Sorry to hear youre dealing with a broken finger,this time of year, when you likely want to be busy out and about. Hopefully it will heal quickly and you'll have some extra hands offering to make up the slack for you.