Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snow and Sunshine!

We woke up to a beautiful sunny morning with several inches of snow on the ground. Again we went from nothing but what the snow the plows had left in piles to everything being covered. Currently the outside temperature is 14' so going out to shovel will be COLD. However it is good exercise so I am looking forward to that. And school is canceled again - yeah! I know it means we will have to go in June but still not as late as some of the other school districts in the area.

B dropped Dipstick off this morning - it's way out of his way to work but Dipstick's school was closed already and it makes a change for Dipstick. Also he is a great help when it comes to shoveling or other outside work. Right now the boys are all in the family room while I'm finishing up my coffee.

The bird feeders are busy this morning - I hope to get some good pictures today. And maybe find my tripods so I can figure out which works best with my camera and start using it.

Coffee is done so I'd better get moving. Soon I will, I hope, have a roaring fire going in the front room and be heading outside to shovel. Later there is cookies to bake, bills to pay and laundry to do.

Not the best picture but it gives one a very slight idea of the hill that is my driveway. This was taken about a third of the way down and shows some of what we had managed to shovel. As you can see once it was shoveled it melted off fairly fast.

Edited to add: 7:15 pm There was between 7 - 71/2 inches this morning. We - Stretch, Dipstick and I took turns shoveling and got close to half done by lunchtime. I went out again to work on the bottom of the hill - instead one of the men from our church who is also the father of one of my kids on the bus - pulled in and pretty much finished it up for me. I put salt down on the hill and the remainder melted off by supper time.

We also found that one of the tires on the car was completely flat. B helped us get it off then Stretch and Dipstick put the spare on while B and I took the tire to get repaired. I will have to pick it up tomorrow evening. I found two of my 3 tripods but haven't got them working with the camera yet. Guess that will come with time - at least I know where they are at the moment. I'm going to go stitch for awhile this evening.

This last picture is Sally-dog. She is a mutt - purebred German
Shepherd mother and unknown father. She has the shepherd coloring and great big feet combined with short little legs. She is standing in the path I shoveled to the back door - as you can see the snow comes up to her belly basically.


Marilyn said...

Gorgeous pictures, but after living in it for 50+ years, I'm glad it's you and not us :)!! We enjoyed the snow and cold when we were younger, but am VERY happy to be in the warmth now!

Apple said...

I'm sorry you'll be going until June. We still have 3 snow days that we haven't used. If that holds they'll give us 2 of them in May and we'll work the 3rd one. Your driveway looks longer then mine, I don't know how you do it without a snowblower!