Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quick update - there's been a lot going on. Squirrel is waiting for me to come watch a movie with him so this won't be long at all. Have to love after Christmas sales - I was able to get 2 pairs of pj pants for under $5.00 total! Also picked up a few other things on clearance so am very pleased about that.

Dipstick's brother Jay (B's stepson) is in the hospital out of state with a leg broken in 3 places. He was to have surgery tonight to put a plate in his leg. (He was loading or unloading his semi that he drives when a chain snapped and broke his leg). So prayers are appreciated for him.

Just talked to another friend of mine who is just about finished with her 90 days trial period at her job. Unfortunately due to the weather we've had lately - even though she knows the company likes her work - she is concerned that she will lose her job for attendance issues due to road conditions.

When I look at other people's situations my life is very calm and peaceful at the moment. I am thankful for my blessings - I have a home in a country that is peaceful, I have a good job, healthy children, a car that runs, plenty of food and water...the list of blessings goes on. Reminders to be thankful are good at times.

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