Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Can you say "overwhelmed"?

I admit it...I am struggling today. Some of it is fatigue combined with not feeling well. Some is deep concern over a girl who is special to me who is possibly suicidal and definitely needs professional help as she is cutting. Yet she refuses to go to her mom because she does not want to be honest about what is going on. Some of it is probably that I don't feel that I have accomplished anything today.

Yesterday I did not accomplish everything on my list by any stretch of the imagination. I got the grocery list made and did the shopping. I also was able to make progress on the laundry - it never is completely finished - and begin to get the checkbook balanced. The kitchen floor is swept - once. It will probably need another sweep before it gets mopped and the counters still are not clear. Tonight is Parent/Teacher conferences again at the high school - it's a new trimester so Stretch has some new teachers and classes. That means that we are not home tonight. Tomorrow night is TKD and Grief Group while Friday night is the start of the Festival of Faith at the church. Saturday we are supposed to have house guests in...can you say "overwhelmed"?


Apple said...

I hope things settle down for you soon! You certainly have a lot on your plate. I hope you can get the girl to talk to her mother but if not you may have to do it for her or find some other help for her.

Marilyn said...

Please know you (and the boys)are prayed for continually every day.