Monday, January 28, 2008


A solitary deer standing in the snowy field. Streaks of pink, lavender and orange across the sky. Tracks across the frozen pond. Snow covered roads. Areas of wispy white fog and hoar frost on the bushes. A few minutes later the sun rises - a glowing red orange ball behind the dark silhouettes of the trees.

That was the scene this morning driving the bus. It makes me long to paint as I don't feel that words do the picture justice - it was just beautiful. And the nice thing about driving the bus is that you are going slow enough to enjoy the beauty. The downside is that it's not possible to take the camera along to capture the beauty. I honestly didn't see too many deer this morning - think only 4 by the time I got home. However seeing them solitary was almost better than seeing a whole herd of them.

On a different note...things are going fairly well here. Stretch is finishing up his driver training tonight - he gets to go drive in the closest big "city" to here tonight. Then he will simply have to practice until he is able to get his license. Squirrel appears to have the same sinus junk that Stretch and I have been fighting for weeks - Stretch is much better after one round of antibiotics. Unfortunately B and Dipstick are also fighting stuff - Dipstick is much better after a round of antibiotics but I think B is home from work today.

Squirrel participated in another TaeKwonDo tournament on Saturday. This one was an "in-school" tournament held at our local school. However it was very well attended with students from 3 or 4 different schools competing. Squirrel placed 2nd in forms and did much much better in sparring. He sparred two times - won the first time and tied the second. He sparred the same opponent both times as they had the girls spar the girls and the boys each other.

Last week I struggled emotionally - in spite of sunshine and plenty of light. I'm certain it was due to being too busy, not enough time to be creative, not enough quiet time - I spent an hour Thursday evening crocheting and felt much better. I am going to go back to carrying a craft project of some sort with me at all times. This week should be a slightly easier week - hopefully I will get some cleaning done in addition to keeping up with regular laundry and stuff. Speaking of which, it is probably time to finish this up and move on to making my grocery list and doing laundry.

This picture was taken last Thursday evening before we went to town for Grief Group - the sunset was beautiful then and there were lots of deer out.


Apple said...

Beautiful pictures! Both the one you created with words and the one from the camera. The picture window view is one of the perks. I hope you are all felling better soon, both physically and spiritually.

Marilyn said...

The picture is BEAUTIFUL!!! If you look at it, there is a cross right in the middle.

Edith said...

Thank you Apple - I'm glad you could see the word picture!