Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No snow delay

The roads were awful this morning! I slid past most of my stops - maybe only by inches but I could tell there was ice under the wheels. There was a couple of inches of snow over most of my driveway and I couldn't get the bus back up the hill this morning. The good news is that it's half way up the hill at least so I could get out and leave it. It's snowing heavily again right now so the 25 minutes of shoveling I did this morning before I left is going to essentially be for nothing - except it is good exercise. We also had one bus get side-swiped - no damage to the bus from what the driver said and no injuries to students.

I came closer this morning to hitting a deer than I ever had - I saw 5 and had 3 cross the road

Both boys went to school this morning...Stretch had stayed home yesterday as he wasn't feeling well. Last night he appeared to be running low-grade fever but was better this morning and felt like he could make it through the day. Squirrel also went today though he is planning on coming home before TaeKwonDo - he took a header out of B's loft last evening and was pretty shook up. Thankfully he landed on some junk piled underneath it so didn't hit the concrete floor. I suspect he bruised his tail bone and heel but otherwise is o.k. I told him he could stop scaring me with his escapades any day - he's been the one who takes the "major" tumbles and needs stitches more throughout his life!

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Apple said...

I hope B is OK. A bruised tailbone is not fun.

I was surprised that you had school on Monday. We were off for MLK.

You and I need those chains that swing out when you need them and retract the rest of the time. I doubt either of our bosses is going to give us the $1500 for them though.