Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I feel better...

I feel somewhat better this morning about getting stuck yesterday afternoon - the roads were at least as bad as they were yesterday - lots of ice and black ice. There was a trash truck stuck cross- wise across one road and apparently a county truck blocking another road during morning route time. There were also plenty of warnings from one driver to another about icy roads. I had a couple of spots where I felt the bus start to slide but it wasn't too severe. Tomorrow could be a very very different story - we are under a winter storm advisory from 10:00 pm tonight through tomorrow. There is to be some combination of rain, thunderstorms and snow that we get. Personally I'm hoping for more snow than anything else even though it means shoveling for me. At least once it stops snowing and the sun comes out - even if it's cold it is pretty. And with the temps being back in the 20's for tomorrow snow is better than ice.

Something that was really funny about yesterday afternoon was what my preschool student said when he found out that he had a seatbelt all his own..."For me?? I get my own seatbelt?! Thank you E..." He was so excited about it - talking about telling his mom and telling his cousin. I am thankful for that as it means I won't have to struggle with getting him to wear it.

Other than that, not too much is going on. I've got daily chores planned, bills to pay and cleaning to do. Stretch is really looking forward to being able to run again tonight. Squirrel has TaeKwonDo and I have a haircut scheduled.

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